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Cialis 10 mg unlike Viagra not only has a more perfect, safe, and effective formula, allowing minimal restrictions on the use and possible side effects, in addition, the drug can be combined with alcohol and fatty food. The main unique feature of Tadalafil is undoubtedly a long period, reaching a day and a half, this property can not boast of any single known drug successfully coping with various sexual dysfunctions. Tadalafil has similar mechanism of action with sildenafilom (drug Viagra) and vardenafila (drug Levitra). They all belong to a single pharmacological group of inhibitors 5 that have a direct effect on vascular tone. Tadalafil has a dual action, it simultaneously relaxes and tone and increases blood circulation in the genital the blood vessels, guaranteeing the emergence of natural and high-quality erection. It is the delay in the production of enzymes able to efficiently prolong sexual contact that is the basis of obtaining a high efficiency of action of the drug Cialis 10 mg. Another advantage of the drug is the increased sexual sensitivity, the stronger the erection, the higher sexual receptivity, which will give the opportunity to prolong sexual intercourse, but also to obtain from him maximum pleasure. For the active action of the drug man is able to make several successful sexual contacts, also significantly reduces the time to recover between sexual contacts. Product benefits: A variety of formulations and dosages allows to choose the drug for different occasions; The prolonged effect lasts up to a day and a half; The opportunity to combine with alcoholic drinks, and fatty foods; Buy Cialis 10 mg in our online shop you can without prescription; The same effect, quality and efficiency on par with proprietary counterparts, much lower in price.

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