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Cialis 20 mg should take approximately 30-40 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. When first using the drug is recommended to take 10 mg. If you are an infrequent sex life, it is better to take 20 mg. And you need to remember that this is the maximum dosage within one day. It is also worth noting that if there are serious problems with the kidneys, liver and the cardiovascular system, the optimal dose is 5 mg In such case, you will protect yourself from possible undesirable manifestations. Restrictions: if you have not reached the age of majority; if you have individual intolerance to any components of this drug. We also strongly suggest before you buy tadalafil at a low price, to consult experts, who will give a final conclusion on whether you use these drugs.

How does generic tadalafil Within half an hour from the moment of reception, is the relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis and increased blood flow, causing lasting natural erection. If you are going to buy tadalafil, it should be recalled that its effect can manifest itself only in the presence of a sexual object, without the full initiation of the reaction impossible. In some cases the drug can not be used For the normalization of erectile function can you buy Cialis however previously it is necessary to exclude hypersensitivity in primary and auxiliary components that make up the drug. It is not recommended to take generic in combination with nitratosoderzhaschie medicinal drugs and alpha blockers. Generics are forbidden to receive boys under eighteen years of age, and men who were diagnosed with acute liver failure, as well as men stroke or heart attack, moved less than six months ago. What would be suitable characteristics may seem to tadalafil price health much higher and because the risk in the presence of strict contraindications extremely unwise. What adverse reactions can occur Among individual adverse reactions which in rare cases arise in men as a result of taking the generic, you should allocate headaches, myalgia, back pain, tides of blood to face, dyspepsia, swelling of the eyelids, nasal congestion, dizziness, conjunctival hyperemia, pain eyes. How to take the drug This drug is used inside, and therefore implies a convenient tablet form of the release. Each tablet of generic Cialis contains twenty milligrams of tadalafil, which is permissible to eat a daily dose of the drug. The medication is twenty minutes before the alleged sexual contact, regardless of mealtime. Resume stand reasonably erection to occur within the next thirty-six hours from the receipt of funds, thanks to which man can engage in sexual contact at the time convenient to him, and desired number of times. To prevent the risk of occurrence of serious consequences, it is strictly forbidden to take the drug more often than directed.

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